About Our Hardware

In the early 1900's, hardware was produced with a sand casting process. This process tends to give the hardware a rustic, handmade look. By the mid 1900's, this process was changed to wax injection molds. The injection mold process tends to impart a mass produced look which was not the intent of the founders of the Arts and Crafts Movement. In staying true to Gustav Stickley and other fine Craftsmen of the era, we have chosen to use the earlier sand casting process for our rings and bales. Therefore, you receive an authentic, copper, hand-hammered, hand-patinated piece of hardware. Keep in mind that being handmade, slight differences will occur in each piece adding to the beauty and uniqueness of each piece.

Door Plates Door Knob Sets and Strap Hinges
Gustav Stickley, Stickley Brothers, Limbert, Lifetime Hardware Stickley Brothers, Lifetime,  Wolverine Hardware
L & JG Stickley Onondaga Drawer and Door Pulls
Gustav Stickley Pulls (Actual Size)
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